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I have an 08 stock FLHTC that will be getting a set of slip-ons (probably Kerker) and a fuel manager (probably Techlusion TFI) before riding season starts. I know I need to get more air flow and am trying to decide if a SE or Arlen Ness Air Cleaner kit are worthwhile. I am considering only a K&N filter since I have been reading that the Stage 1 Air Cleaner kits have little effect until you hit 4500RPM (which I seldom do).
Also, do the kits do anything other than allow more air to get to the filter? If nothing but that why not just modify the stock backing plate by drilling a few holes or opening it up some other way.
I have lots of other places for that $100 if the Air Cleaner kit is going to give me little benefit.
Thoughts and opinions welcome!

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