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1600 classic 1997 - 1200C harley sporty

you dont like the alamo chubby bags trike?
they roll with fender nice

these hard bags need a 150 buck bracket which is huge too,unless you fab your own
2004 - 1600 classic
1997 - 1200C harley sporty
1985 - 750 Honda Shadow
VROC# 20171
Chromaholic #512
They look pretty decent. Don't know if I like the reflector though. i've been trying to keep an eye out for a hardbag similar to the bags you see on a RoadKing, with the leather covering.Anything can be mounted with EZ Brackets... if you don't mind them sticking out an extra inch or more.
These bags are 10" deep already... wider than LeatherLyke and nearly as wide as Tsukayu's Jumbo "Strong".

Roadchrome: 24x13x10 - $350

LeatherLyke: 20x12.5x9 - $490

Strong: 25x14.5x8.5 - $580 (painted black, non-specific mounting, brkt included)
Jumbo Strong: 27x15.25x10.75 - $660 (painted black, non-specific mounting, brkt included)

National Cycle: 24.5x14x7.5- $800, (black with chrome mounts)

They look to be a decent size, and the price is right if they include (or you can fab) mounting options.
If they want $150 for the mounts, Tsukayu Strongs are only $600 covered in leather and include free shipping.

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