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2006 1600 Ultra-Classic

On the floorboard issue, if you don't get the bike-specific model, you can adjust how high and how far back they sit. The Strong bags are 25" from the peak at the front top to back at the bottom and an angled 21" front to back, 14.5" tall at the highest point of the lid.

If you get the bike-specific model, the mounts are fixed and they end up where THEY want them, and they will be high enough to clear the stock pipes.

Grab a measuring tape and see if you have more than 21" between the top edge of the floorboard when folded up and turn signal... though they sit out far enough to clear the front of the turn signal housing... some photos on their web site seem to have them mounted pretty far back on the 800 and 900:

- Rich
2006 1600 Ultra-Classic

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